Family Books

One of the key factors to a successful preschool experience is the home/school connection. To foster this connection, the NPNS teachers are using Family Books, which are created by each child with the help of their family. This project is really simple, not particularly time consuming and opens a myriad of learning venues for the child.

Please purchase a 1⁄2" thick, three ring, white binder as well as plastic sheet protectors to hold photos. Binders can be purchased at any office supply store. Ideal is a binder with a plastic overlay as your child's picture and name can be easily inserted, which will help your child identify his/her family book. In addition, adding the name to the spine of the binder will make it easier for your child to recognize their book as well.

Your child should help you select photos of meaningful events and/or photos of people or places identifiable to them. These photos are then added to the Family Book. Children having attended NPNS previously should add photos over the summer to their existing Family Book.

Please include as much of your child's input as possible and have fun working on this project together!